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Tisha B’Av on Shabbat – A Relativistic Perspective

Yesterday was the 9th day of the month of Av or, in Hebrew, Tisha B’Av. Usually, Tisha B’Av is marked by mourning and fasting. Yesterday, however, we ate festive meals, drank wine and were prohibited from fasting or displaying any signs of mourning. Because yesterday was Shabbat. Shabbat pushes off the observances of Tisha B’Av by a day. Indeed, today, Sunday, we fast and mourn the destruction of the First and the Second Holy Temple  – Bet Hamikdash – in Jerusalem, we remember the Holocaust and many other tragedies that befell the Jewish people. Why couldn’t we observe Tisha B’Av on Shabbat? After all, that was the day when on the 9th of Av, both Temples were destroyed! The simple explanation, of course, is that on Shabbat there is no mourning. On Shabbat, [...]

The V-Day

We frequently discuss on this blog the state of superposition – the mixed state unique to quantum mechanics, in which the system can be in two or more states at the same time. Remember Schrödinger’s Cat that is dead and alive at the same time? Every year on the 9th of May, I find myself in a state of superposition – I am happy and sad, I celebrate and I mourn. The 9th of May is V Day – the day when allied forces led by the Red army defeated Nazi Germany. I celebrate this victory as the victory over the greatest evil known to mankind. It is not an exaggeration to say that this victory saved the world. It certainly saved the Jewish nation. And that makes me happy – it’s worth celebrating! At [...]

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